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  1. Congratulations! I hope it works on whole iOS - especially on the iPads
  2. You are right, if he doesn’t get more workers on the game, it will just end like Cube World!
  3. Any information about how’s the development going on?
  4. Why didn’t you change the provinces to sea provinces?
  5. I also want it on iOS, maybe in the end he will just say, that it isn’t possible to port the game to iOS and so he has to „cancel“ it
  6. Von wo bist du denn? Wir können schreiben, wenn es dir Recht ist 🙂
  7. Selbstverständlich ist jeder Mensch vor dem Gesetz gleich und hat das Recht darauf menschlich behandelt zu werden. Ob man jedoch ganz und gar die Kultur des Landes im Herzen trägt, kann keine Staatsbürgerschaft der Welt beweisen (nicht böse gemeint)
  8. Heh nice border gore in Australia
  9. Hello, because of the unique versatility of the game - that can include any time span from the history - it would be maybe a good start to develop in sort of “packs”. Packs that would include mechanics for specific ages like, let’s say, for the age of the Roman Empire. How things got handled in the Roman times is incomparable to how things were done in last century. Of course, there are many similarities, like using soldiers and common people as fuel to keep the places warm and the fire burning (Kek). If for example tanks, nuclear bombs and nationalism where THE things in the past century, as well as having many soldiers, the setup and application were different and this goes also for the acquisition of those things, the payment and the economy of the country at that time. This idea may be nonsense, but still my goal was also to give ideas to others to think about. tl;tr: Focusing the updates of specific mechanics for for specific ages that are compatible and useable together with other mechanics from other ages.
  10. 50 Posts - Soldier 100 Posts - Leading Soldier 200 Posts - Provost Marshall 500 Posts - Marshall 1000 Posts - Constable 2000 Posts - King 5000 Posts - Emperor 10000 Posts - (choose whatever one wants)
  11. Add the hentai empire as well as the „commonwealth of the shota & loli worshippers“
  12. zapomniałeś najważniejszy język: niemiecki
  13. So a release in February or even in late March? Or could it even be more later?
  14. Other commands that could be included are also - to stop an ai (making them paralyzed-like) - to stop all ai (making them paralyzed-like) - to force alliance - to force vassalage - to change countries - to annex a province (for player and other ai) - to annex a whole country (for player and other ai) - to change culture percentage of the province - to colonize a province these possibilities would make the game experience a lot better; not only to cheat but also to try things out 🙂
  15. Deutschland über alles! Alles für das Kaiserreich!

    1. Kaiserwilhem2


      auf der heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein

    2. Age of Civilizations

      Age of Civilizations

      und das heißt: Erika!

    3. Kaiserwilhem2


      Fuck Yeah


  16. Vassals should be what they are – vassals. That means: controllable. At the moment they are not controllable at all - no priority can be set or behavior. Vassals should also be to get without a war, as well as being able to annex it without ravaging their country. It is somehow funny that you need to declare war to a loyal vassal to annex it
  17. The best way to implement this feature is instead of giving the commands pre-set amount of things, it would be better to do it set-able; like the „setarmy“ command
  18. The ability to delete posts; generally the ability to delete anything - be it the account or public messages in the profile
  19. When can we expect the iOS version to come @jakowskidev? And what problems are they?
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