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  1. Hello again, this is the last update of viking age scenario, but, i'm going to make other historic scenarios like 1066, 304 b.C., and other, the new features: -New Events -Norway is now formed by events -Fall of Abbassid Caliphate by events -New population cores -HRE can be formed by East Francia(not 100% true) NOTE: Now is more easy to install the scenario, this is the last update, i'll make more scenarios in the future. Viking Age - 867 AD[LAST UPDATE].zip
  2. A few, actually i'm just testing it, the next version are going to have so much more, like king's death to other kingdoms.
  3. Hello again, so i've decided to make some events, this is the iberian update, some features: - New Events - Reconquista Events - New Palette - Frontiers in iberian peninsula are more accurate - King Death event(only for Leon in 905) - Break country events Viking Age - 867 AD.zip Viking Age - 867 AD.zip
  4. This is the first update to the viking age scenario, i updated the British isles, some features: - New Leaders; - Now is possible to win with Wessex, but is too hard; - Isn't so easy to conquest england with Jórvik; - More balanced. Hope you like it, i'm going to update it in the future. Viking Age - 867 AD.zip
  5. This is a scenario of 867 AD to Europe map, isn't 100% but i'm going to improve it, adding leaders and more. NOTE: You must copy and paste the "civilizations_editor" folder into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoCII\game". Viking Age - 867 AD.zip
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