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  1. Can you also bring back the war justification system but this time there war three options of justifications called Conquest, Subjugation and Liberation. In conquest you can annex territories. In Subjugation you can make a country a vassal. In liberation you can liberate countries. (Cannot liberate as vasals) You can take reperations in all three The there justifications take different amounts of time like:- Conquest will take 30 turns. Subjugation will take 20 turns. Liberation will take 10 turns. Also make it that you cannot justify in the first 5 turns and you can onl
  2. can you make it so that you can assimilate all provinces that is unstable in one click
  3. POG

    World war 2 mod

    Its in progress.
  4. POG

    World war 2 mod

    This is a world war 2 mod. Not a scenario but a mod. The mod will contain:- New provinces! Events! Scripted peace deals! Alt history Alt Scenario! And maybe a small ww1 scenario with no events. No android for now!
  5. also can i have admin in ur discord server so i can do polls and stuff Username: Alpha33
  6. Also, can i have admin is discord so i can poll to see what do the people want.
  7. K, I will make some provinces and stuff. Do u want me to send it to u through discord or here?
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