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  1. POG

    World war 2 mod

    Its in progress.
  2. POG

    World war 2 mod

    This is a world war 2 mod. Not a scenario but a mod. The mod will contain:- New provinces! Events! Scripted peace deals! Alt history Alt Scenario! And maybe a small ww1 scenario with no events. No android for now!
  3. also can i have admin in ur discord server so i can do polls and stuff Username: Alpha33
  4. Also, can i have admin is discord so i can poll to see what do the people want.
  5. K, I will make some provinces and stuff. Do u want me to send it to u through discord or here?
  6. Help It is keep crashing i cant open it
  7. Whenever i open my game it just crashes. My whle game is now broken
  8. Im gonna see what i can do for android after the release of version 1.0
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