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  1. it seems like its gonna be a awesome mod good luck pal i wish you luck finishing it
  2. what an amazing project i wish you luck dont give up on this this is really a nice mod we all hope to download this and play
  3. hey man im sorry again i thought you were calling him like a turtle and slow i didnt realise you meant hes so fast im really dumb i just realised now
  4. kerem abi modu yapmayı bırakmıştınız çünkü duyduğuma gâre modun bütün dosyaları silinmiş o yüzden dosyaları yeniden toparlaya bildiniz mi?
  5. chill out man he stopped working on this mod and he started working on it just now what do you expect? you should be grateful that he came back to this mod, modders rarely do this.
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