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  1. Hello to everyone that will read this. Δ° have good news for yall. in Kerems community post he said: In the Modern World scenario of the Conquerors: Remastered Edition Mod, which we will release in the coming months, Turkey's assimilation values are: 8% Systems, 1% Afghans, The rest will be Turks. So if you are playing Turkey, you need to perform the assimilation process at the beginning of the game.
  2. he was remaking world + stopped it. And then he said he will make a conquerors now he stopped it too he just keeps dissapointing us and it just hurts man
  3. lol bro such a nice cap. you never continued to work on those mods you left them dead. But later on you said that world+ will be relased then stopped working on it again bruh.
  4. yeah bro. if your not gonna finish it then why make everyone happy for no reason bro. This guy is being exactly like Lucas but a bit diffirent no lie.Δ°f they released this awesome mod it would be more popular than conquerors bullshit. i hate conquerors i wish they never made that stupid mod.Δ°t just got popular because it has alot of good scenarios in it that people made in normal age of civilizitions2.
  5. the beta link is even the wrong link in android i tried downloading beta mod in my phone but it downloaded king of dynasties mod instead.
  6. hello can anyone tell how did they make the AI aggressiveness go lower then %50 i want to do that in my original aoc2 too can you anyone tell me how do i do that?
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