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  1. I now get it some devices cant handle the wonderful bg i tried installing in it on my mom's phone it somehow works Pls nerf russia
  2. I mean its not the same as the one in the pc with rivers,terrain,etc everything is just black
  3. Why does the backround map just plain black?
  4. After clicking the go link button it will bring u to an ad close the ad click the go link again do this until the mediafire link pops out
  5. Set the neutral provinces to colonization not conquering
  6. The Rock eyebrow raise Vine boom sound effect.mp4
  7. Good mod hope the bugs will be fixed in the future
  8. Even without farms just put some technology points at population growth then invest in goods in my italy playthrough i have 40 million population in 300 turns
  9. Someone in the project combined discord ported the gathering storm 0.5 and napoleons rise to mobile
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