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  1. a completely alternative cold war scenario Alternatecoldwar.rar
  2. I made the 1933 script as a continuation of the last 1913 script and I'm thinking of doing a cold war version of it. Alternate1933.rar
  3. I made an alternative scenario in this scenario, the year is 1913, but there are a lot of things happening that don't exist in real history. Alternate1913.rar
  4. year is 1966 USSR beats america and wons ww3 btw this scenario is inspired by this video WhatİfSovietUnionWonsWW3.rar
  5. bu ne oğlum? gülmekten yarıldım bu şey değilmi burak çeliğin seneryosu
  6. history:The Ottomans never won the Gallipoli Campaign, so the Mondros Armistice Agreement was signed with the Ottoman State, then the White Army defeated the Bolsheviks with many weapons going to Russia.
  7. In this scenario, the Entente States achieved the success of the Gallipoli campaign in the 1st World War and made the Ottomans accept the Sevr Agreement. Hope you like it WhatİfEntenteWonGallipoliCampaign.rar
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