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  1. Legend. Can I add this to my post? I will credit you for sure.
  2. This tutorial might come in handy. But if you want the mod preinstalled on a Aoc2 folder I can make that too. Just tell me.
  3. After seeing a lack of simplified maps, I decided to make one of my own. Keep in mind that this is my first mod and that I had no previous experience doing something like this. Anyways, here is a mod with 22 scenarios, +2 joke ones, 25 new civilizations, 29 formables and only 533 provinces. This map encompasses North America, The Caribbean, North Africa, Part of Asia Minor and Asia Central and Europe. I apologize in advance if you see any border error. I hope you all enjoy this mod made by me. - Simplified Sam - aka Based MOD (With background): Terranova.rar MOD (PC) P
  4. Wait, is the project finished for download or it is cancelled? I want to know.
  5. I want to play aoc2 but the thing is that there are so many unnecessary provinces in the map. Wondering if someone has any idea about the topic.
  6. I saw this and I don't know from what mod it is. From what I know is that this is a simplified province mod. If anyone knows then write it down. http://lukaszjakowski.pl/img/age_of_civilizations_2_map.png
  7. Bc this thing its a piece of art, just sayin' http://lukaszjakowski.pl/img/age_of_civilizations_2_map.png
  8. I there a slim chance that the mod will be released anytime soon? It got me hyped with the release and all. Just wondering, or is it dead?
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