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  1. 1. I did anyways, it's kind of better to ignore that toxicosm right there + respond like this never happened
  2. кстати ты отправлял куда не надо. Там есть специальный форум называется non-english. Можно отправить там на русском. Но в итоге я просто тебе рекомендую
  3. Да. есть такие модификации. Может быть. Если честно, я сам не проверял это и не интересуюсь в коде игры.
  4. 1. What mod? 11:59 - A Cold War 2. Vanilla don't has event Well, I played a mod called Age of War 2 and for 100% there were events popping up when I was playing as "colonial america", which contradicts your phrase. So uh, yeah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. In short: I don't know where to start tbh. My pc is not dead at all and i have installed the mod by instructions said in the description. Downloaded, extracted, and launched. Before the installation I read the descripton, and it said that there will be a lot of events, which will happen by time, and while playing, didn't saw a single one event occur so far. Wanted and tried to fix that, but it wasn't gone, and I dunno what to do rn, because without events I barely know what's going on with the world. This is my first ever time to encounter that issue. Any answers? Also I registe
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