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  1. I need to find someone that knows how to do PC conversion
  2. Create an new game with any civ at any scenario, pass one turn, leave and try to load the game. That should do it
  3. I did not create this map, is the map from the mod 'Project Alpha' but with a different background
  4. I just don't have time to fix it... I barely had time to make this update.. i recommend you playing addon redux, it's a good mod and has small provinces
  5. Yeah about that i just tought, that it was kinda pointless of me creating this because our mods will be pretty much the same thing lel, i might as well just post the PC version here
  6. Hello everyone. As most of you know, the original version of Hearts of aoh2 had 16 thousand provinces, that is, until it suddenly disappeared. Well, no longer! I present you the ultimate version of Hearts of aoh2.. with old map, more civs, more ideologies, 10k+ flags and many more. Big thanks to @HillTainfor sending me the android Version. ❤️ I plan to add: • New scenarios, such as; - Fictional scenarios such as Führerreich, Red Flood, Tno and much more. -Real scenarios such as seven years war, Cold war, collapse of the Soviet union etc. •New ideologies.
  7. TNO: last days of Europe (already included in the ---) Modern World (2022) Führerreich Red world Red flood The Gathering Storm (1936 scenario) Apreis Moi, Le Deluge States of major nations (usa, Germany, Russia, China, Brazil etc.) Old world blues Cold war (1970s) Paraguayan war French revolution (1792) Collapse of the Soviet Union Thousand Week Reich Kaiserreich Seven years war That's what went in my mind
  8. I noticed most of ideologies in the game are set as uncertain. When i have more free time, I'll try to revamp most of the scenarios with accurate ideologies, and then I was thinking about posting an topic announcing that hearts of aoh2 was back. I'll give you full credits for the extraction and all, but I'm going to fix the scenarios first. What do you think?
  9. I just installed and this is epic. I am eternally grateful for you, but i have an final question. Did you used the remastered editions UI and ideologies, right? I'll try to put the originals ideologies and icons, hopefully it doesn't glitch out. Thanks again
  10. Also, sorry if I'm bothering you, but could you make the drive link public or give us permission to access it? Thanks
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