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  1. So,ill be making a new AOC2 Scenario and you guys decide what nations would be involved with which provinces,you can even provide me the name if you want a custom nation which will incude a custom leader of your choice! ill reply to you guys with the screenshot of the suggestions after they have been implemented in the game (Note that it'll be on map earth only and ill decide the start date randomly and also,if you tellmeto make a custom nation,ill choose the flag myself) Thanks in advance to anyone who gave their suggestions!
  2. Bhutan controls all the provinces in the Indian Sub-continent that don't have any access to the sea while Nepal controls the provinces in the Indian sub-continent that do have accces to the sea
  3. ive made my fair share of colonial superpowers but i almost always convert them to a democracy whenever i approach the 2000's to make it more realistic but i probably will edit in the future and share my best empire
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