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  1. thanks, i tested it again and my avast said it wasn't a virus i think i really have to switch antiviruses even i have an example why
  2. I didn't say I was dead I'm just scared because of Avast that it denounced as a virus
  3. I wanted to download it because there are a lot of new things that aren't just flags and ideologies but now I really don't know if it continues
  4. when I download this mod it says it is a virus and that it contains trojans
  5. no, never mind thank you i must have clicked on an ad That redirected me to a YouTube video thank you I was needing
  6. accessed the link through a computer simulator and when I click on the link to download Android it takes me to an affiliate video and the site is in Russian
  7. Türk:Sadece var olup olmadığını öğrenmek için bu modu bulmak için saatler harcadım ve sonra indirme bağlantısının çalışmadığını öğrendim, muhtemelen burada okumayacak olmanız üzücü.
  8. Eu era oI spent hours trying to find this mod just to find out if it existed or not and then find out that the download link doesn't work how sad you probably won't read it here
  9. A obrigado é só mais uma pergunta: porque quando eu baixo a versão com música não vem música?
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