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  1. No problem 😄 Editor -> Map Editor -> Select the first one -> Formable Civilizations. Thanks 😄 The Korean Empire was formable already, (by S. and N. Korea) so I made the Greater Korean Kingdom formable in v3. Which is also uploaded in the OP now.
  2. I made a mistake there, because the map used was this: And not this: I'll upload a fix tommorow with a new version. Thank you. 😄 EDIT: Version 2 is uploaded in the first post.
  3. (formable) Nations Plus I've made some Nations formable, and changed some original country formations. Now Formable Countries: Greece - Wasn't Formable before, is now formable by Achaea, Athens, Candia and Naxos. Byzantine Empire - Greece Belgium - Flanders, Brabant and Liege Tuscany - Siena and Florence Wales - Gwynedd, Powys and Dyfed Westphalia - A lot of West German duchies. Kingdom of France - Northern french duchies. Saudi Arabia - Basically all tribes in the general area can form this. Frisian Kingdom - Liewer düd aß slaawe! England - Kent, Wessex, Essex Western Rome - By Italy Swabia - Alsace, Württemberg, Baden and ULM Andalucia - Granada Korea - Baekje, Silla and Goguryeo (and also North and South Korea) Changed country formations: Prussia - More sensible province count for the Formation of Prussia. Austria - Carinthia and Salzburg can now also form Austria. German Empire - Now formable by Prussia, Westphalia and Swabia. Rome is now formable by Western Rome and the Byzantines instead of Italy and the Byzantines. Every piece of media is uploaded to the Forum including the Archive. Screenshots! Greece: Belgium: Tuscany: Wales: Westphalia: (which can also form the German empire now) Kingdom of France: (Now formable by some of the French duchies) Saudi-Arabia: Frisian Kingdom: Prussia: India: (might have missed some stuff if you find missing provinces or can't form this tell me!) Occitània: (somewhat incomplete) Madagaskar: NationsPlusv3.zip
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