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  1. It's been a while, just started playing the game again and decided I'd give this another shot. Here are some new formable civs (all for the Earth Scenario): And also three completely new Countries to form: Updated version is in the Parent post.
  2. No problem 😄 Editor -> Map Editor -> Select the first one -> Formable Civilizations. Thanks 😄 The Korean Empire was formable already, (by S. and N. Korea) so I made the Greater Korean Kingdom formable in v3. Which is also uploaded in the OP now.
  3. I made a mistake there, because the map used was this: And not this: I'll upload a fix tommorow with a new version. Thank you. 😄 EDIT: Version 2 is uploaded in the first post.
  4. (formable) Nations Plus I've made some Nations formable, and changed some original country formations. Now Formable Countries: Greece - Wasn't Formable before, is now formable by Achaea, Athens, Candia and Naxos. Byzantine Empire - Greece Belgium - Flanders, Brabant and Liege Tuscany - Siena and Florence Wales - Gwynedd, Powys and Dyfed Westphalia - A lot of West German duchies. Kingdom of France - Northern french duchies. Saudi Arabia - Basically all tribes in the general area can form this. Frisian Kingdom - Liewer düd aß slaawe
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