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  1. Actually project is canceled. I stopped playing AoC so i dont see any sense in making huge mod for this, mabe i will made something smaller but for now this project is officialy dead. Sorry guys
  2. There were plans od partition im 1913 , only because Portugal joined the great war this didn't happened
  3. I maked a studio that's making scenarios and now we making other scenario... but we didn't forget about this do be patient please
  4. I think that in this mod russia will fall in economic crisis so maybe
  5. Maybe* i dont remember what's "mnie" was. I meaned that ottoman empire was heading to collapse
  6. Maybe, we mnie that the ottoman empire was heading to collapse , but Maybelline i will give more provinces to turkey, thanks.
  7. After the assasination of Franz Ferdinand a risk of war beetwen Serbia and Austria was very high. The German ruler Kaiser Wilhelm knowed the risk of war with Russia and maybe even France so in the final he stopped A-H from attacking Serbia, no one would know that this thing would change Europe so much. After death of Francis Joseph I the Charles I was in charge of the empire now. After many riots in the empire he was forced to break the constitution and had to limit the autonomy of Hungary and less in rest of the empire. The uprising in the empire ended in 2 years old war where Hungary, Bohemi
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