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  1. @Trans-Amur I played the 1.2.1 version of the mod and all I can say is, I never thought I would feel like a general when playing Aoc2. Now the game actually makes us think our next move. The new supply mechanic and encirclement logic made it much more fun and realistic. Good job.
  2. Idk how it would affect the turn speed tho
  3. Well, it would be possible to balance the op countries i think. For example, as we get closer to siberia, the provinces become much bigger than the european ones. Also province stats could be nerfed according to the power of country. (Like, modern world Germany's total economy and population in 300 provinces could be equal to China's 600 provinces)
  4. I wish they could make it a full map mod (or just asia included) instead of just europe. This is one of the best mods already (and for me, going to be the best mod with next update), I can't think what would happen if it had a bigger map.
  5. At the vk channel, they say it's going to be released at april 8.
  6. Can you make attrition not just for enemy-occupied provinces? I mean, when we encircle armies of the country we are at war with, they should get attrition too. This would make it more realistic.
  7. Do you think of making the map whole world, or just asia included sometime in the future? Maybe something like Bloody Eurasia? Also, how did you guys create the scenarios? I mean, which website or application did you use? The scenarios are so detailed and good. Keep up the good work!
  8. Hey there! That's a great mod and I enjoy it so much. But could you make AI expand more cleverly and organized? Like, could they just declare war their border countries more often? Also, a new construction mechanic (like EU4) would be awesome. I mean, is it possible to construct buildings in multiple provinces at once. Or could game just stop asking us that "are you sure" thing when we try to construct something? A system that just constructs buildings at selected provinces quickly, would be great. And (if possible of course), things like nationalities, religions (maybe seasons like wint
  9. I'm really looking forward to see what will Aoh3 look like. I check Lukasz's all pages every day to see if there's something new. Pls just tell us something. Pls. 

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