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  1. God damn, another map i declare dead. all my attempts were declared dead by me. Why not make a mod? well i can sure do that i've alrerady done that,
  2. Is there a event for the Adams Onis Treaty and the wave of independence in the americas?
  3. i dont even play that i posted this cuz i want an answer
  4. i wanted to add music to my game. maybe to nmake a mod or something. i added t he music as an ogg file and put its name on the age_of_civilizations file. once i go in game. all the music is fine. until it reaches my custom song, it just doesnt play, and if i change the sound settings it just plays the past song. How do i fix this?
  5. this is a obvious question. i recommend checking out the Tutorial in-game but ill tell you. Click on the province where your troops are. click move and click where you want to move them
  6. I really see 0 problems. it just isn't opening. i've inspected the whole file. i dont see problems
  7. Finished guatemala. however im having troubles. the map isnt opening. i gotta find why
  8. In-game, that background is just a test. ik it sucks
  9. Sooo i had TRIED to make a mexico map project before but after a bug id lost it all. so heres a new project! Central America! progress:
  10. Didnt expect this. i was looking for some stuff and i saw you doing another proyect. Hey! this is still cool, so let me suggest. add united federation of planets [easter egg civ] at sun's location if you can.
  11. So um since the AOC1 map in AOC2 is so crappy. i made myself on the task to fix it. (not gonna add new provinces as idk how to) I am adding for now -Terrain -Formables -Custom Civ Formables -More scenarios -Regions -Wasteland Maps and yeah, this is RUSHED image on whats here currently, YOU SUGGEST.
  12. hmmm, i want a full image of the entire map rn could you show me?
  13. Wasn't a virus, simply didnt open. thats la all
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