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  1. bro its a fucking BETA link, not full release
  2. This is a new page for colonial wars! Colonial Wars [1746-1800] Colonial wars is a mod basaed on the the confilcts over silesia and and europe entering the napoleonic era. There will be full event tree's for important countrie's, we also include events around the world about the wars between colonial powers like the historical event of the Seven year's war and other wars around the world - We are working on quest mission's that player must compelete to make a better and stronger civilization while exploaring the event tree's Capabilities of this mod: -New backgrou
  3. this is epic! work hard on it boy.
  4. wow it has such a good style, can you put link for scenario?
  5. its a dead mod for now, but i will cintinue it after i finish colonial wars
  6. good mod tho, keep it up also use http://geacron.com/page_ini.html for borders
  7. That mod is dead, and also it was based on ck3 My mod is a bit different
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