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  1. Ok i will try it thanks
  2. Hello, your mod looks awesome!, but pls could you put the direct link or another shortener link bc i don't understand what i have to do to dowload the ---, it just send me to random pages when i click dowload. And even it send me to a fake virus alert lmao, so could you fix it pls? (Sorry for the bad english btw)
  3. Would you add Russian Civil War events? Otherwise nice mod and keep working, and pls don't let this mod die.
  4. Looks great but it will be only in Europe or it will also include the rest of the world?, I get it if its only Europe bc well, the Napoleonic Wars were almost completely in Europe
  5. I absolutly love this mod, but i have a minor question (i don't khow if this is a bug) So i was playing as the german empire in ww1, I captured the major cities of Russia, and they capitulated, but all the Russian last lands were occupied by Austria-Hungary, but in the war tab i see that i have most of the war participation and most of the occupied provinces (before Russia's capitulation) but even after that, all the land is occupied by Austria-Hungary, and i wanna khow if this is a bug or i need to do something?
  6. Where i can find the main code of aoh2? Because i wanna edit the code but i don't where the code is, and other question. Why when i enter in the .so files or others, it reads all the code as question marks?
  7. Context = the flag its from an alternate history where the cuban missile crisis ended in a Nuclear War, with a great part of the Union in ruins of a decadent World, one of the last remanents of the old Soviet Union remains, the people's Republic of Moscovy.
  8. Its say's i need a 32 bits version for the game lol
  9. I need help. Im in Android and every time i wanna put a custom flag i need to: Put the flag on divisions of the flag editor. And put the code. But every time i enter the game and enter the "civilizations editor" it crashes. Can somebody tell me what i did wrong or at least how to put the custom flags in a more convenient way pls i would aprecciate it a lot (sorry for the bad english)
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