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  1. That might be the reason why the game crash...you don't need to rename Avi and SFX folder in every game, do that only when let's say the game crash when loading sound and the reason why I recommend to rename Avi folder is because the intro in EU series kinda long and boring so you can skip that when the Avi is rename...so I think the reason why it crash because you rename the 2 folder
  2. At which point did the game starts to crash? And which resolution did you choose?
  3. You could always tried to played it, my only concern is whether my phone suitable or not to play a game as recent as late last year because the more recent the game is the more harder to get it played on exagear....but wouldn't hurt to try though, just for the sake of trying I've done it too for the past few weeks trying this game and that game whether it can be played or not mostly a political or governmental simulation game... since the guy is using exagear 3.0.2 I think it'll be fine to try it out and also that channel is where I know how to play Hoi2 darkest hour from so yeah he's trustwor
  4. Lol no worries dude...this is why I created the post so I can answer questions about emulation as much as I know... but back to your questions well you're a man of culture as well..one of the reason I got into emulation is because political pc games because as we know android doesn't have any good one...but unfortunately it's not because the lack of game that can be play but it's because idk which version of exagear will be compatible to play the game for example democracy series (1,2,3) I have try all of them but in exagear 4.7 The problem is it's very unstable version of exagear and the mous
  5. It's an pdf file so just downloaded it and click on it after it's done
  6. Just click on the time date panel or if it's victoria Revolution just click on the clock
  7. Sure do... wanna play another game that have a similar style as Europa Universalis? There's Sid Meier's civilization 1,2,3 That you can play or Play Sid Meier's Colonization if you want to colonized the new world or build a city in SimCity 2000 and 3000 but if you want other genre of game here's a list of supported game on exagear https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://elbrus-technologies.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/List-of-Unofficially-supported-games-for-ExaGear-Windows-Emulator.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjxk-7cwq70AhXiSmwGHYhcCRcQFnoECDUQAQ&usg=AOvVaw25gkb9lJ
  8. Now that's a very good question which I still don't know the answer cuz I've been racking my brain to search how to add mods to it but haven't found it... I'll let you know if I find the way to do it but as for now I don't know
  9. Hey dude can you make the man in the high castle scenario? I think it'll look really cool
  10. Well tbh you can rename it anything you want but okay if you want to know what I did I rename the SFX folder-> sfxrename and The Avi folder-> CK
  11. Just a suggestion can you make the leaders actually up-to-date with the scenario like no queen victoria in early 1800s or some leaders from the 1300s still in there?
  12. Always? Huh that's strange I think it might be have something to do with where you download the game cuz I get it from here https://steamunlocked.net/crusader-kings-complete-free-download/ while I do occasionally get some error in the middle of the game it happens only one or twice and that's it usually just a really smooth gameplay
  13. Cuz if you already rename the SFX and Avi folder there's shouldn't be any problems... I've played the game for 2 weeks now and I gotta say it a lot more fun than Hoi2 I asked you where you download the file cuz it can be a factor on whether the game will crash or not
  14. Can you tell me what it says when the game crash and also where'd you get the game file from?
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