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  1. Chairman_sudan

    Leader bug

    I'm trying to make Saif Al islam Gaddafi in AOC2 but the the game dosent let me, I made the PNG of saif as small as all the other ones, I put him to the right country, date, birth and other things I need, but when I click save it kicks me out of the editor, and when I go to see all of the leaders I fine no Saif, I tried this alot of of times, I even uninstalled AOC2 and reinstalled, but nothing changed
  2. A few months back(3-1) I emailed the creator of the AOC games, i asked him for a refund, I've been waiting for some time now, still no response, I bought the age of history 1 and age of Africa game but I didn't know about AOC2, so yea, anyone please tell me if it is refundable, if the creator is online, thanks and goodbye 🙂
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