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  1. Yeah, the current system allows nations to annex too many territories at once. This is quite a problem for me because in my 1836 scenario I am working on, I saw Prussia annexing like almost 1/3 of Austria or Russia annexing the entire Turkish Balkans. And I think there is a little penalty to it. Some kind of casus belli, giving more limit to territorial annexation, etc are needed.
  2. Thx! Actually, I did make little events before but removed them for now. The problems I'm having are such as "How to make Prussia or other little german civs form Germany?" The current event system lacks lots of things I need to make things work. Maybe I can make a list of what are needed later.
  3. Oh, do you mean I have to just edit the previous one I uploaded?
  4. Thx! How to do it is putting the inside contents of civ_editor files in the civ_editor folder. It's important not to put the whole folder inside. Then, it won't work.
  5. I've updated many things including cores and better wastelands. It doesn't have events yet. Enjoy the Scenario! *How to put them 1836 folder->Scenario civi editor content->civ editor leaders content->leaders leaderIMG content->leaderIMG 1836.zip civilizations_editor.zip leaders.zip leadersIMG.zip
  6. To do this, I'd like to know that do I have to add custom civs as regular civs in-game and then give the file to you. What I mean is that do I also have to put the custom civ files into original civ files(such as flag file,etc). If I have to, could you tell me how to do it exactly?
  7. Thx Lukasz, could u also answer the question I made?
  8. I am still balancing the game. And I am not sure that I also have to add the custom civs into regular civ folders to send the scenario to Lukasz. Plz tell me if someone knows. Maybe I'll add more leaders, and hopely....some events.
  9. 1836:to Scenario folder Civ editor: put the contents in your civ editior file Leader: put the contents in your leader file Leader img: put the contents in your leader img file
  10. Well, first I need to know whether I also have to add my custom civs in regular civ folders or not to give it to Lukasz. I need to get the answer first. :P
  11. Not really since Congress Poland was annexed in 1867.
  12. *Video Link The Result looks like this. What a Border Gore. XD So many people are killed during the Russo-Prussian War. For some reason, UK wasn't so dominant in this game. *For who wants to play my "1836 Project", click this link!
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