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  1. Good mod but one thing when I play as Britian in 1815 scenario The British East india company always gets independence the only way to stop it is to annex them in the events but that messes up the events so nerf British east India company or make that vassals cant get independence otherwise great mod
  2. Is it possible to add custom civilizations in android without deleting the resetting the entire app everytime I modify some files? Pls help
  3. And For 1945 Use this date 24 March 1945 Here is The Map
  4. And For 1944 Use this date 20 April 1944 Here is The Map
  5. And for the 1943 Scenario Use 22 March 1943 Here Is The Map
  6. Also can you do the 1942 scenario after the Germans pushed into the caucasus? If You want the exact date Here it is 1942 September 5 If you want the map here it is (Ingnore the green things)
  7. Also Another Thing About The Scenarios Did you add these Scenarios Here is the List 1900,1914,1939,1941,1942,1944,1945,1949
  8. Also Suez canal & Panama canal should be their own provinces
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