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  1. What do you think of North Korea's main idea, socialism with Chinese characteristics, and even the Japanese shogunate. But for one thing, I think you should either only do ideology, or just do the government system, or you can add a "system" after ideology
  2. It may be because the resolution has more uncertainty and conditions, because the increase of points in civilization 2 is limited, and the options of the resolution are also difficult
  3. You will change some places, right? For this map of more than 10000 plots, you should know that the plot map made by Lucas has many defects
  4. I can help you finish the China part.And will you do modern scripts later, such as World War I and World War II?
  5. Chinese Communist Party's border is wrong,i mean is KMT controlling the Xi'an part.
  6. How do you make that provinces like really Lukasz's,can you share the bg?(*゚∀゚*)
  7. east and west Berlin please and some Old colony in China,like dalian if you like
  8. Can you make the map to Millennium dawn's style?I mean add some warlord that Officially unrecognized,like Syrian rebels and Kurdistan.
  9. Can you make some provinces in east Asia,like Ogasawara Islands 、Dalian Bay、Guangzhou Bay、etc in future?
  10. A Chinese modder changed some code,called it new system,but it has bugs
  11. Chinese modder Only made the Chinese city name
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