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  1. O. Dolpin. Virou. Primata q ... Fala...
  2. Finalmente mais um mod brasileiro que eu espero q n seja cancelado 🙌
  3. You can focus more in the civilizations like the commentary above me said, adding vassals for the european colonies or some occupied states and tribes for the continents.
  4. So when you finnish the Middle Ages, you are gonna launch the mod and take a break for a next update or do you will keep develop other features to the mod?
  5. o anonemous raqueou sua outra conta?

  6. Waiting for news of the month because it has 1 year since the announcement of the mod in the forums and still not have ended the development, if had more time to add such things, i think it's better fixing bugs like the bad quality of the civs flags and their name tag to the actually civ name
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