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  1. 1962 i anyways abandoned that scenario, as i reinstalled aoh2 i lost it. But i still have that question at new scenario date is 1952, and leaders are still modern so i had to edit modern leaders turning them into old ones
  2. u can do that lol just create new civilization and set its leader to leader u want lol
  3. boi why this was uploaded at my birthday boi
  4. So, i created a axis win AoH2 scenario and its almost finished rn, i even made a beta version to public. But theres one problem i cant solve. How do i change leaders? So, leader of Germany is Merkel and not Austrian painter Leader of Russia is Putin and not Stalin. Leader of Japan is Akihito and not Hirohito. Bassicaly its all wrong, i really want to fix that. But i dont know how. Also as many of you know, Stalin, Hirohito, Austrian Painter already exist in game. Screenshots if you need it. (I know nobody here knows russian, i hope images is enough)
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