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  1. Greetings and thank you very much for your time to guide me. 🤍 But I play with Windows, not Android, I also do not like to add leaders to the game, I prefer others to do it for me. If you can complete my Scenario 2022 without breaking the 2018 scenario, I can share the files with you.
  2. Unfortunately, I have to suggest a way to allow the file to be sent. Like Telegram : @lina24x Or Discord : Tiquila#3529
  3. Hi, I'm very happy with your suggestion, but I need someone who really knows how to do it so we can complete the project as soon as possible. Yes, I have Discord.
  4. Hi, unfortunately my attempt to insert the leaders into the game was unsuccessful, I have all the photos and specifications of the leaders but no one can help me enter them into the game. If someone helps, it can be done in two or three days.
  5. I do not know what you are saying! I categorized the photos into 100 by 88. If you are interested Give me an email or telegram ID to send you a collection of photos of the leaders.
  6. Thank you very much for your guidance, but I realized that I could not bring the leaders into the game. I'm waiting for someone to announce their cooperation.
  7. Can you convince Lukasz Jakowski to help complete this project and release it as a game update? I have converted all the photos to 100 x 88, all that remains is to insert them into the game
  8. So far, I have added Oceania leaders. And I realized that my changes in the 2018 scenario are also being applied and I do not know how to make 2022 separately. So the continuation of the project requires someone familiar with game editing.
  9. So what does this mean? I do not know the meaning of the fnf . Should I replace Jean Castex with Macron?
  10. I can import these for my game But the problem is that I do not know which files you need to copy and paste in the game installation location! I only know the leadersIMG and and scenario folder . This is my biggest problem. Please find an experienced person for me.
  11. Unfortunately, I're not comfortable editing the game, but since no one is willing to do it, I had to try it myself. The number of leaders is high, but I do not think it will last longer than February 18. I wish Lucas Jakowski would release this leader update as a game update on Steam after it is completed.
  12. Hello friends After hours and days of playing AOC2, I realized that I could not stand the absence of new leaders, and unfortunately no one offered a new modern scenario for 2020, 2021 and 2022 . So I started working and got the names and photos of the current leaders from the internet and I am completing the editing of their photos. I just need someone to work with to add leaders to the game. Please contact me to cooperate in Telegram. (First person will be accepted) ID: @Lina24x Changes that will be applied : The number of leaders has greatly increased and several leaders
  13. Where is the download link ?
  14. So my suggestion is to create two scenarios for this beautiful map, the first is the Lord of the Rings scenario with the powers that you have in mind for the leaders. The second is the balance version of the leaders without the character and rule of the Lord of the Rings, because after playing the Lord of the Rings scenario several times, there is a need to play the balance version in this map. I liked your background, but the problem is that I thought the mountains should separate the states, not be conquered as a state. Two-thirds of the map is still built and there are 8,000 state
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