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  1. I am on pc and when I change the UI, it crashes. Can you help?

  2. Are you tired of plain 1440 scenarios? Have you ever wondered how Ryukyuan Australia looks? Do you want to fucking die? I present to you... THIS. Basically, these meme countries are OP in economy, population, money, technology etc. Also, Iceland is in Canada, and a random Canadian tribe is in Iceland. Also, Ming switches to Nazi Germany. Basically, that's it. Get the file, play it and fucking commit suicide. 1440.rar
  3. Not just paint the map, but completely new?
  4. и снова здравтствуй, лови банvdb5fvD0T58.jpg?ava=1

  5. Как я понимаю, карта не должна прокручиваться, как планета; советую поменять в файле config.json WorldMap: true на false
  6. You go to /Age of Civilizations II/game/languages/civilizations/Bundle.properties and make a line there: <id> = <civ_name> Like: tes = testitesti
  7. This is all cool, but WHERE IS THE GLORIOUS RUSH B? btw we should change recruit and other system sounds to HEYY GUYS IM BACK
  8. All the needed provinces are connected to the sea, but they are still -1, and I can't put ports or change it to 0
  9. Looks like you can place ports in 0 level provinces, but you can't do that in -1 level provinces. I haven't found a way to make provinces 0, so how do I do it?
  10. FIRST RELEASE! pre-alpha 0.1.16 added 170 provinces of South Antenia, and 5 civs from Kerbals At War scenario Screenshots: Download: Kerbals At War mod (pre-alpha 0.1.16).rar
  11. I was just joking, but here you go (the more suitable for a war game version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anIbUguPG1E
  12. You put the provinces in the updatePB folder, get them out. My game also crushes if I do that.
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