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  1. there's a problem. When i open it, it's all messed up:Italy has provinces in South America while half of Italy itself is a wasteland, sam for China etc.
  2. already out on his Discord
  3. only in Kosovo War so yesn't
  4. i already can link this mod as dead
  5. nice, i recently lost all of my AOH2 files, this recovers 90% of stuff i already had and adds some gud stuff
  6. Well there isn't but there will be
  7. no pic no click give us a pic and we will click
  8. hello Ben. I will probably do a BEN scenario since you answered me
  9. I appreciated the mod. There are some spelling errors but i easily fixed them with a few minutes of file editing.
  10. Almoravids are divided in the Spanish Duchies while the others aren't in Europe
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