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  1. By the way the countries i didn't mentioned will have a common decisions tree and common events(quite similar to your common events in AOI(I DIDN'T STOLE ANYTHING, IT WAS TO MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND EASIER)
  2. (UI still not done)This is the 1066 Scenario btw if you want 'proofs'. Between those countries, there are events for: France, England, Normandy, Leòn, Galicia, Toledo,Italy, Kievan Rus, Hungary, Poland, Saxony, Byzantium and Burgundy. You wanted proofs, you got proofs
  3. That's right. To be honest, the game is almost dead as Lukasz ain't updating it. So we are the ones who will make it alive
  4. I know it may sound way too ambitious. Honestly i saw how Addon 2.0 is getting so i'll release a Beta. Gonna release it in 5 months, right now i just finished adding and balancing polygamy. In the Beta we will have: Marriage System, New provinces, all scenarios with events and decisions tree.
  5. The point is that i still have to do a lot of work and i can't put images by now. Just not gonna put fake images, i'd rather put images of unfinished work but it just kills the hype. Why killing the hype??
  6. honestly idk if it's that 'alive', i mean, the topic was created in 2018, since then nothing, neither a Beta or an Alpha, i feel like it's never gonna come out.
  7. idk bro am so sad because when i try to run Addon nothing happens, when i use a .jar file it always works, but if i copy and paste a .jar file(AOI, for example,)it gives me an error message.
  8. when i try to open the game nothing happens(i double click on AOH2.exe, but nothing happens
  9. :( that's the only mod about Aoh1
  10. End of Corruption??More like end of Southern Italy corruption. PS.I'm Italian and here from 2000's there's corruption just in Southern Italy and just in some rare places
  11. End of Corruption??More like end of Southern Italy corruption. PS.I'm Italian and here from 2000's there's corruption just in Southern Italy and just in some rare places
  12. Do you even think there could be??How???That's impossible my boi
  13. Those are the links for all the best mods for Aoh2 with download links(no permission)and credits of course, and with pros and cons, and all download links 1.Age of Imperialism(most famous one) PC link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WHzF4ou5aDRvxOo-nEade6IYSR_wkatQ/view Android link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14W1ZMXPDqz46x4DSsUfE1mxwnUGAaY7h/view pros: 1.A lot of events and scenarios 2.High quality 3.A lot of provinces 4.Industrialization Mechanic cons: 1.Same boring repeatable events 2.Missions can get annoying, the creator shou
  14. i did it for 1950 too and doesn't crash. Maybe u have an older version, maybe ur pc is potato
  15. good idea. I think continuing developing 1440 mod is the best option
  16. it worked for me bud. No reason to rage btw. No crashes.
  17. There will be Shiism, Sunnism, Catholicism and so on, but the opinion debuff between Catholicism and Orthodoxism is less than the opinion debuff between Sunnism and Catholicism. There will be every subreligion of every religion(Muwalladism, Copticism and so on). There will be events for the court members but it won't be like Crusader Kings 3 as it's impossible recreating it in Aoh2. Still working on it.
  18. Yes it does. Of course it works just for some religions, for example it does for Sciamanesim and it doesn't for Christianity. By this week i will make the religions with Polygamy less OP to make the game balanced.
  19. I will surely add 1000, maybe even 1300. If not in this in the next update. Of course i did very well the Polish-Lithuanian borders, they're very important as they played an important role in the Middle Age
  20. Why Bruh???I seem someone who's capping??
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