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  1. i dont know maybe after the spring festival.I want to change the government systerm.emmm,,but my mod is not popular,,,
  2. setting☞change the font size,until you can see every world.24 is an approaching choice.
  3. new download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10s1eOebA8PzBZ6rCLwp5vPc8_1blx1WO/view?usp=drivesdk Guys, this is good news. The Europa Universalis mod is getting its next update. This is just a small update that mainly fixes some balance issues that the game originally had. such as economic growth. In past versions, the growth rate of the economy was tightly controlled by a cap. This resulted in you having to manually invest to solve the unemployment problem, and now the investment bar is fixed, allowing you to solve most unemployment problems by pulling the investment bar. In a
  4. it is limited cause it will be unbalance if you stress on a single tech......but it actually bugs.You can improve your techs to unlocked more
  5. manpower is finished but i prefer to add it to my another mod and i will show it soon
  6. anyone see this sentence can replay me and tell me which country do you like in 1444 and i will make more event for it.
  7. add new unit is too difficult,but some of my friend is working on it.maybe next summer,you will see it.
  8. maybe next week,I will fixed some bugs and add more event to 1444.By the way,will you still enjoy the game through you cant read the event?
  9. sorry but the code was changed in many ways and the mod cant work on pc.Maybe oneday? as for the language,I will try,In fact, only the Chinese version is complete.
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