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  1. who are you?some special nation cant change government such as russian states,Ming,japanese,and islamic country.
  2. first you should play 1444,secondly,it is not slow,you can easily reach to 0.8 tech in 300 turns and even faster when your country get bigger.
  3. Sorry, but there are some Android versions that cannot be compatible with this MOD. You can clear the cache and try again. Or you can uninstall and reinstall it. I feel confused if I can't solve it.
  4. I tried to make a difficult module. All this module is more complicated among all mods. The reduction of happiness is due to the high unemployment rate. You can enter the homepage by clicking the national flag in the upper left corner and then click on the economic figure. A floating window showing the unemployment rate will appear. Once the country exists, happiness will begin to decline. You need to find the corresponding unemployment plot, and then use the provincial interface investment to improve the economy and reduce the unemployment rate (unfortunately there is no unemployment map in t
  5. I can think about it but I don't speak Spanish and I'll use Google Translate to do the job. It shouldn't be too difficult, but there could be a lot of mistakes. But that will come later, now I need to work on improving the mod
  6. Europa Universalis 4 MOD Of AoH II UPDATE 1.31.6 VERSION - Mods - Age of History Games (ageofcivilizationsgame.com)
  7. Same map as you, but I found Victoria 2 to be too rough for regions other than Europe, so I'm refining other regions, having done East and South East Asia.
  8. Hello everyone, long time no see, I made you wait for a long time. Now the new update is finally ready! After so long preparation, I bring you a new version of Europa Universalis 4 mod, code 1.31.6. Here is the download link :https://drive.google.com/file/d/174Rff2C309yayF3XN0qP_MiX12BT7SRK/view?usp=drivesdk Then I'll introduce you to the new update. The new tactical system, which I mentioned in an old post, is officially implemented in the game in this version. I need to introduce to you, the original author of this new system is the DDC of the Chinese Age of Civilizati
  9. yes,but i am very busy these days,i cant focus on the mod all the times
  10. The war score is bugged, please reject the offer and propose your own peace treaty.
  11. I can only use google translate because I don't know Indonesian language. Generally Google Translate will give you a basic idea of what the event is talking about, which I think should be enough. If you are interested, I can send you the text for correction.
  12. But this method is more troublesome, I need to modify the content of the existing 600 events,,,, and then I will add more random events and task trees.
  13. I have found a new way of writing event text that allows events in multiple languages to exist at the same time, in the next version, when you switch to English, the event text will become English instead of Chinese characters, according to this principle , it will also be possible to add versions in Russian and even more languages.
  14. only Android version available,the line is in the topic text
  15. This year is the first day of the Chinese Year of Tiger new year. I wish you all a happy new year
  16. this is how the code works.But I am not the code author, the author is another friend of mine, I don't know if he will authorize. Here shows the situation of engagement in the new version, a war may last longer than now, and the pool of manpower above will also limit the development of small countries. The last icon at the top of the screen is government support. In theory, it will change according to your ruling situation and people's happiness. But there are actually bugs still.
  17. ideology is not finished yet,in the future,Your ideology or polity can be upgraded with the times and the level of technology. Democracies will be able to conduct elections at every time. Choose candidates who are biased towards diplomacy, administration or military. The monarch is the country, which can be reformed from a backward monarchy to a bureaucracy, a constitutional monarchy, and an enlightened monarchy. This is a relatively large project, so it will be added in the next update. At the same time, the next update will also add a human pool and a new combat system. In the new combat sys
  18. i dont know maybe after the spring festival.I want to change the government systerm.emmm,,but my mod is not popular,,,
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