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  1. wait are you serious or just making a joke because i love this game i dont want to just forget about it
  2. Okay so I've been playing this game for a bit now and its nice but every time I save a game and try to load it up at another point it goes to turn 1 and year 1440 which wipes my progress making this pretty unplayable I cant even delete the saves anymore, I have to delete them in the game files now please help I don't know what to do anymore
  3. Hello, so every time I make a game in AOCII and play a bit then save and log off, every single game glitches when I try loading it again and makes it year 1400 and turn 1 deleting all my progress. I used to be able to delete the saves but I no longer can even delete them and deleting and reinstalling the game does nothing. Any help?
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