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  1. I would happy but I'm not sure about it, previously I could only make this mod to android version, well.... I can made some events but I also really need more history knowledge for that
  2. What he mean is he needed the new android version of the mod, the pc one already at 0.7 version and android still in 0.5 version
  3. Ah it's okay, I already found the problems, I use the directX 11 instead of directX 11 dsound one, that's why it won't work, nothing wrong with the container composition and mod is good too, but my only compliment is control, is there a way to play it with mouse control?
  4. Very understandable, also I realise that you guys already have the android version, and that's good
  5. Lmao, yeah my English literally dying rn
  6. This is how its feels like when successfully voting yourselves for being the emperor and after that getting so many insults
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