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  1. No
  2. Bro You thought this was a actual mod? This is just a April fools joke
  3. Hey Bro Stop Leaking The mod's beta
  4. The beta version of the mod is set to release on june
  5. Fixed the link https://discord.gg/kFjyja8W
  6. Work in progress
  7. August if being optimistic September and October if being realistic
  8. Yes it will be available on android
  9. No it will not become a dead mod I'm currently adding the fascist Egypt focus tree and alot of progress has been made
  10. Hey I have made the discord you can join it to see more mod updates and announcements you could also suggest some new things to be added to the mod https://discord.gg/jSveFs3T
  11. Well what mod are you using for me it's only for addon+ You can try to add the codes to the mod you're using
  12. These are the fascist leaders for belgium and sweden in my mod all of the portraits used are from the hoi4 mod road to 56
  13. It will look better
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