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  1. AllahuSnackbar

    Fix trading

    Hey Lukasz, can you please fix trading? For example, I could just give any civilization 100 gold to declare war on any other civ. They will always do it 100% without fail. Also when I try to trade for provinces they never accept. I once tried to trade 20 million gold for a siberian province and it was refused. No matter my offer it is always denied.
  2. AllahuSnackbar

    [W.I.P] Union Government Mod

    What does it do?
  3. AllahuSnackbar

    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon+

    Because the creator is RUSSIAN
  4. AllahuSnackbar

    Imperium Ultima Scenario

    A pretty unrealistic althist where Germany wins ww1 and monarchies dominate the world. Also the US is split Xdddddd 1546767453172tnsqewtu.zip
  5. AllahuSnackbar

    I'm Globglogabgalab

    D I E
  6. AllahuSnackbar

    Steam workshop???

    It is DEAD he locked the discussion on steam. 😕
  7. AllahuSnackbar

    steam workshop

    I personally think it is a shame though. Of course you can just download them from here but the simplicity of steam workshop can be very appealing to many people.
  8. AllahuSnackbar

    steam workshop

    The workshop isn't coming out, I assume. I expected it to come out at least by January 15th, but it seems I was wrong. I think you should just move on and download mods from the forums, they have much more potential. (and there probably won't be 200 ww1 scenarios).
  9. AllahuSnackbar

    Christmas Eve

    Look it be christmas eve.
  10. AllahuSnackbar

    Christmas Day

    Merry Christmas
  11. AllahuSnackbar


    Happy Halloween bois
  12. "The memer"

    1. AllahuSnackbar


      You make me sadspacito


  13. AllahuSnackbar


    It be easter boi
  14. AllahuSnackbar

    Valentine's Day

    Valentine's day 2019