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  1. If i have some free time il expand the map into africa and asia,then into americas.
  2. Download the attached file, extract it, then put into Age of Civilizations II/map/Earth/scenarios
  3. It is finished,you can download it and install it.
  4. Having hotseat is a big step,next step is LAN over 2 PCs,if that works then you can setup MP games using hamachi for example. I guess the final step would be integrating online using steam servers.
  5. Il upload it again,but forum dev should fix this. Also i updated the scenario by fixing some tech and events that became bugged for no reason,i replaced the attachment.
  6. 178, Although i would add some more tribes if there were proper vanila nations for them.
  7. Last time i remember,the last update might have broken some of my events,they just don't happen. EDIT:Fixed it
  8. Welcome to the Dark Ages! Will you be able to survive in this troublesome era? -This scenario includes all of Europe and some parts of Middle East,North Africa -Many events with most of them being historical. Here are some images of Scenario: https://imgur.com/a/Wv0pu1K https://imgur.com/a/F7dgf3l Here's the attached scenario file. 1544654062812gtyscale.rar
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