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  1. So if you are wanting to edit ideologies in the game just for fun and not creating an actual mod or if you just want to create a mod hands on instead of using those new editors and you're editing ideologies, DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT let other ideologies have the same starting letter/symbol in their extra tags, i.e. you can't have two ideologies with the starting letters/symbols in their extra tag "c" so no "cm" or "cc" or whatever or else they will both override each other, you guys can have fun testing that out to see what happens Istfg I spent HOURS trying to fix this, so just be luck
  2. it'd be cool if there was an election system for some countries like u could decide which countries had elections too + also adding in political parties would be EPIC AF also maybe add in more in depth governments like idk like OH maybe add in like subsections of ideologies like say for an example an absolute monarchy would be BASICALLY the same as a monarchy but like still different and also like these ideologies in these groups could like have better relations with eachother than other countries just because of their governments, idk just a suggestion also it would be fr
  3. if only also it would be nice if u could like determine where the peace treaty took place like not just in the capital of one of the countrioes but like u get to pick where
  4. uhhh, how do you add like text in the event? im not talking abt the title but like the description you showed
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