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  1. Değiştirmeyecez lan hep türkçe kalcak biz türküz aga as as 😄
  2. Dude, when there's too much gold, it's full of cash, and that's why the gold is losing value.
  3. What is the country colors palette
  4. how did you do the paint palettes
  5. Nymea


    And some scenarios have link errors
  6. Nymea


    In the workshop, there will be more scenarios because the number of people playing here is more than
  7. Nymea

    ww3 scènario

    Love Map ! match beautiful labor to health 🙂 ( Turkish: Haritayı Sevdim! Emeğine Sağlık 🙂 )
  8. Nymea


    Ama 1 ocak 2019 da gelecek dedi ! 😞
  9. Hey Lukasz Please Workshop ??
  10. Beyler WorkShop Niye Gelmedi Lan hani 1 ocak 2019 daydı noldu atölyeye
  11. Nymea


    Gentlemen Don't Update? Where is WorkShop
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