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  1. Oskiek

    Fake Army

    Hello, I'm having a problem with fake army. I mean, there are armies displayed but you can't use them, nor move them. It happens when transferring province from one nation to another one. It's really annoying, hope Łukasz will fix it.
  2. Technically you can do hotseat and use some kind of TeamViewer. If Łukasz won't add multiplayer himself, i'm sure someone will eventually make a MP Mod.
  3. Szansa że Łukasz zrobi mp jest nikła gdyż łatwo powiedzieć a trudno zrobić. To jest wiele bardziej skomplikowane niż tworzenie singleplayer.
  4. Zrobiłem województwo śląskie z podziałem na gminy. Roboty cholernie dużo. Powiatów jest 380, czyli to jest ok. 2 razy więcej pracy niż przy woj. śląskim. Ogólnie to pętla na szyi.
  5. Yeah, thanks for telling me. Link in the main post is updated, newest version is 0.4.1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/j2sl40m5jn99mb0/UpperSilesia_v0.4.1.rar/file
  6. Map i've been working on as template. Every small province is done, yet there's no any finished scenario. + 3 screenshots from scenario editor.
  7. Hello, I've made a map of Silesian Voivodeship for Age of Civilizations II. I'm still working on it, and yet it's not finished so you can except some problems. In case of such please let me know. Things to-be-done: - province names - more civilizations - better background image Here is the link for download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/j2sl40m5jn99mb0/UpperSilesia_v0.4.1.rar/file WARNING: Dont use version 0.4 as it has no background and may cause unwanted effects. Installation is very easy, just unpack rar file in Age of Civilizations II folder. In case it doesn't work, p
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