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  1. Right now, the armies of every nation is exactly the same except for the numbers. Natives shouldn't have as powerful armies as European nations do. You should get the option to spend your tech points on strengthening army attack and defense points, lets say about 1.5% every point. That way it would be more accurate.
  2. Poland is easily the strongest nation to start with at game start. That might sound crazy because it usually gets destroyed at the early game, but there is a way for it to easily become hegemon of the world. At game start, I improved relations with Lithuania enough so that they will accept an alliance, and then I spent the rest of the time building my army and integrating Masovia. Then, when relations were high enough, I formed an alliance and then asked for a union, which they accepted. This catapulted my nation into the strongest power there is. I posted a picture here. The pen is
  3. As of now, I have been encountering a bunch of useless wars with nations much weaker than me, and even half the world away. I suggest that the algorithm for countries declaring war on each other be changed by... The AI being much stricter in who it attacks. Right now I have had countries as much as 50x weaker than me try to attack me, which ends up being annoying. Countries will rarely, if at all, attack overseas nations before Age of Imperialism. Then, when Age of Imperialism happens, Great Powers are more inclined to colonize and attack overseas nations. Landlocked countrie
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