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    distukk reacted to Dave ☢ in Age Of Civilizations II: Ultimate Overhaul   
    Age of Civilizations 2: Ultimate Overhaul
    It's been a while!
    Welcome, dear people, who are still interested in the Development of UO! I do not know why the discord invite is invalid, i set it to forever, lmao.
    So, I'm back. (Again), and we are still working on the mod. But due to the current situation of the Virus in europe, this all can just crumble down. I am happy, that I didn' t stop development, because these last time were incredibly harsh. But I'm back. (Fixed the Discord server link.)
    We need Scenario & event creators!
    Age of Civilizations is a game that focuses on grand strategy, politics and other government driven elements. Łukasz Jakowski however, included something in the game that is rare in other grand strategy games. Customization. Customizing civilizations, leaders, maps, Whole scenarios, events in these scenarios, etc, etc...
    This, i think is a very good thing. The only bad thing about this, is that the game focuses more on the custom creative aspect than the realistic grand strategy one. This mod is going to be an overhaul for both these things.
    Unfortunately, a mod with the same goals named Addon+ is being created right now. My mod is still in a Debug alpha phase, and i can't release it in a state like this.
    This mod will include the following list of things:
    Translated Loading Screens
    The Great War (World War I) With historical events, leaders and custom civilizations, starting in 1st of January, 1914. (I've started doing it, The events are halfway done!)
    Overhauling the World War II Scenario in the following ways:
    Adding historical events with descisions.
    Setting an other start time for the Scenario for better readiness.
    Giving More corresponding bonuses to leaders given by their personality.
    Scenario "Die Folge" (The aftermath) happening right after the first world war, (Yes, believe it or not, lots of stuff happened after the first world war) containing a variety of events.
    Scenario "A Modern Mona Lisa" Containing the events of mostly Hitler taking control over germany (1920-1930). If you want to play as a country, that is falling apart at the moment, this is for you.
    A Cold War Scenario is also being made, but i'm not promising anything for this one.
    Including a large variety of backgrounds, from a realistic one with every little mountain on earth, to a low resolution one for computers that can't handle the mod that good.
    Government, ideologies:
    From the leftist Communism the the Extreme right Fascism there are an estimate of ~15 ideologies being made right now including governments that are only avalible on 1 country in real life, or none anymore such as Patriotism (Hungary) Democratic Republic, Despotic Monarchy, so on and so forth. Planning on creating an election system for democratic countries just like in Hearts of Iron IV.
    Yes, every Scenario, Custom Leader, Loading screen and such will be translated into other*1 languages.
    Custom Maps:
    Custom Maps will be added to the mod, with custom scenarios, so people can create something new on a new map. Current map plans include Hungary, Austria, Germany, Washington, Budapest and The map of Graz.
    Of course, if we make scenarios, we need to make sure, that we have good leaders for each scenario. From a Revolutionary Gavrillo Princip to an alternative timeline Franz Ferdinand, there will be as much leaders as possible.
    Thank you for reading!
    Current Status: Started with V0.0.4.8 on 22nd of january 2020
    -A HOI4 style focus tree, but in this mod, it's called "Descision Tree", to avoid being sued by Paradox.

    (I can't show you the whole thing just yet.)
    -There will be lots of new stuff in the game, as we just decompiled it. These new system include:
    -More types of Vassals (Dominion, Colony, Crown Colony, State, Soviet Socialist State, etc, etc...)
    -Democratic elections all four years, if the country is: Democratic, Republic, City State, Patriotism
    -Ideological support system (See: hearts of iron 4) as you do your actions
    -Changing the values of terrains, planning before war nescessary
    -Adding seasons, each one having it's own effects on attacks, income and happiness
    -Adding religions
    -Adding a "secret service" action, where up to 400 people can work on a specific assignment, such as:
    Special Operations
    *1: Other: This mod will not be translated to all languages, as that would be pretty hard to make. If you'd like to translate to your own, come to our discord!
    If you want to help me create the mod, or get a  look in the development diary with more images about the mod, feel free to join our discord server!: https://discord.gg/MnYRMxh
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    distukk reacted to aunitydevteam in fan made World 2300 Mod (Still in Work) with Europe and Africa Coming Soon No Longer Available   
    Here lies the World in the 2019-2300 see Europe fall in the near feature has things go down horribly
    Here's What's changing 
    Total Campaigns; 35+

    Coming to Android
    Coming to PC
    Release for PC in: (March 15 2019) 
    Release for Android in:(March 23 2019)
    Release PC demo (February 15 2019)
    Release Android Demo(Feb 16 2019)
    all people who help will get credited
    What New things Will be added on this map: (later on)
    Animated clouds
    any stuff you want in this mod please contact me through email aunitydev@gmail.com
    or fixes contact me
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    PC Demo features
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Some countries to start
    A couple UI changes
    Download links
    Setup file: V0.1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/3tem35wsoc1ji0v/World_2300_demo.exe/file (PUT IN SEPARATE LOCATION)
    Zip: V0.1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/d847mi0iu2a1uu4/World_2300_demo.zip/file (PUT IN SEPARATE LOCATION)
    Android Demo features
    uninstall the old --- the download the mod and play it! IF IT GETS STUCK ON 49% JUST CLOSE AND REOPEN
    link: V.0.1
    https://www.mediafire.com/file/mdqf8438fbza4p0/aoc2.---/file  Broken
    Fixed link:
    Come join the off topic  club:



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    distukk reacted to Timm638 in [Tool] Image to Province Converter   
    I've made a tool, which converts a .png into a bunch of provinces, allowing someone to create a custom map more easily.
    Link to download : https://github.com/Timm638/aoc2_converter/raw/master/AoC2_Conv_0.1.jar
    Link to short guide: https://github.com/Timm638/aoc2_converter
    If you need help ask here or come over to the discord.
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    distukk got a reaction from arch1 in Age Of Civilizations 2 | Music Mod   
    Мод добавляет 30 новых композиций:
    • Johan Söderqvist & Patrik Andrén - Gallipoli
    • Johan Söderqvist & Patrik Andrén - The War to End All Wars
    • Johan Söderqvist - Knights Of The Sky
    • Johan Söderqvist - Battlefield One
    • Immediate Music - Path To Greatness
    • Immediate Music - Eleventh Hour
    • Immediate Music - The Creator
    • Epic Music VN - Rise To Glory
    • Epic Music VN - The Last War
    • Epic Music VN - Judgement Day
    • Max Richter - Only Believe
    • Max Richter - Last Days
    • Max Richter - Nocturnal
    • Max Richter - Shadows
    • London Philharmonic Orchestr - Suicide Mission (Mass Effect 2)
    • Hans Zimmer - No Time For Caution
    • Hans Zimmer - Dream Is Collapsing
    • Hans Zimmer - One Day
    • Hans Zimmer - Time
    • Hearts Of Iron IV - Krakow
    • Hearts Of Iron IV - Bring Forth The Tanks
    • Hearts Of Iron IV - Morning Of D-Day
    • Hearts Of Iron IV -  The Royal Air Force
    • Hearts Of Iron IV - London In Flame
    • Hearts Of Iron IV - Luftwaffe March
    • Hearts Of Iron IV - The Attack
    • Hearts Of Iron IV - Heavy Water
    • Hearts Of Iron IV - Comintern Theme
    • Hearts Of Iron IV - Rise Of The Axis
    Файлы из архива переместить в папку с игрой.
    Мод отключает возможность воспроизведения стандартных композиций!
    Скачать мод:
    Google Drive
    Yandex Disk
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    distukk reacted to GreenMansLabs in Modern world but dumber   
    You should've also made a Greater Chile Empire
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    distukk reacted to Noron in Моды на русском   
    Age of Ideologies v1.4

    Новые идеологии. Этот мод добавляет 17 новых идеологий. Есть и ответвления от основных полит. режимов, и совершенно новые формы правления. В будущем планируется добавить флаги для государств с новыми идеологиями (пока идеологическими флагами обладает только Германия).

    Некоторые идеологии могут быть некорректно изображены, так что любые предложения и критика в лс приветствуется. 

    Кинуть все файлы из архива в коренную папку игры, разрешить замену файлов.
    -Были добавлены флаги идеологий для германии
    Age of Ideologies[1.35].rar 

    -Нацизм был переименован в Национал-Социализм.
    -Радикальный Социализм был переименован в Национал-Большевизм.
    Age of Ideologies[1.36].rar
    -Флаг немецких нац. большевиков был заменен на более подходящий.
    Age of Ideologies[1.37].rar
    -Фикс локализации, фикс флага немецких нацболов.
    Age of Ideologies[1.375].rar
    -Добавлена новая идеология - Авторитаризм
    Age of Ideologies[1.4].rar
    -Изменены бонусы от Авторитаризма
    Age of Ideologies[1.41].rar

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