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  1. BrakeCoachStudios

    Lukasz Jakowski whats your Next plan?

    but imagine if the new game is way better than aoc2 but still Lukasz, this game still needs more development!
  2. BrakeCoachStudios

    Neutral has a capital

  3. BrakeCoachStudios

    Hatikvah (2018 Israel Story)

    now we connect both lands and attack saudi arabia
  4. BrakeCoachStudios

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    Yup, that is true. Libertarian, liberal, conservatism are party ideologies INSIDE a republic, not a national ideology. however, communism, monarchy, capitalism are all national ideologies. This is how I did to fix the problem http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/1850-my-thoughts-on-political-ideologies-in-countries/
  5. BrakeCoachStudios

    My thoughts on political ideologies in countries

    Or another option is you select a point in a political compass for its ideologies but idk
  6. BrakeCoachStudios

    City Names - Concept

  7. BrakeCoachStudios

    Some ancient Korean new flags

    That should be the flag of Goguryeo btw
  8. BrakeCoachStudios

    A Terrifying Alliance

    I like how hungary just migrated to the east balkans
  9. BrakeCoachStudios

    LESS Provinces(AOC2 Medium Map Project)

    the release will be no late than may 2019.
  10. BrakeCoachStudios

    SOCIETY! ...Coming soon to a dank river valley near you.

    yup, and make them tend to move around rivers or forests rather on mountains or deserts
  11. BrakeCoachStudios

    can anybody make auto assimilate mod

    why not play the game slower? try to assimilate provinces that you just conquered but since you already have like 337 provinces not assimilated, I recommend making vassals. You could declare war on them and assimilate later on.
  12. BrakeCoachStudios

    Lukasz,If you can’t over ios version just give up

    thats sounds like some lowkey Confucius quote
  13. BrakeCoachStudios

    Medieval age Scenarios

    for the last screenshot, 'Korea" needs to be Joseon
  14. BrakeCoachStudios

    I'm Globglogabgalab

    dead meme
  15. BrakeCoachStudios

    City Names - Concept

    So apparently even though if you conquer a province their cities' names dont change so I think we need to fix this problem I have two separate ideas: (I am using Gdansk as an example since its easier. no offense intended) 1: lets say Germany reannexed Gdansk. Then the city name changes to Danzig right after the peace treaty. 2: Germany reannexed Gdansk, but the name changes to Danzig after assimilation. But what if (for example) the US conquers Gdansk? Then the name would still remain as Gdansk since its also the English name for the city. Is this idea good? or is it unnecessary? Leave the ideas/suggestions below.