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  1. now we connect both lands and attack saudi arabia
  2. Or another option is you select a point in a political compass for its ideologies but idk
  3. That should be the flag of Goguryeo btw
  4. I like how hungary just migrated to the east balkans
  5. yup, and make them tend to move around rivers or forests rather on mountains or deserts
  6. why not play the game slower? try to assimilate provinces that you just conquered but since you already have like 337 provinces not assimilated, I recommend making vassals. You could declare war on them and assimilate later on.
  7. thats sounds like some lowkey Confucius quote
  8. for the last screenshot, 'Korea" needs to be Joseon
  9. So apparently even though if you conquer a province their cities' names dont change so I think we need to fix this problem I have two separate ideas: (I am using Gdansk as an example since its easier. no offense intended) 1: lets say Germany reannexed Gdansk. Then the city name changes to Danzig right after the peace treaty. 2: Germany reannexed Gdansk, but the name changes to Danzig after assimilation. But what if (for example) the US conquers Gdansk? Then the name would still remain as Gdansk since its also the English name for the city. Is this idea good? or is it unnecessary? Leave the ideas/suggestions below.
  10. I think you could just use [assimilate-->]
  11. well guess its time to destroy the libtards
  12. Pandas don't exist in northeastern Korea and southern Manchuria instead, put Siberian Tigers in that area i mean wtf pandas in korea?
  13. Make Brazil a Nazi puppet and make Argentina and the rest of the eastern South American countries buffer states Make Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia part of the Japanese Pacific States
  14. until
    The half-month celebration to commemorate the release of AOC2
  15. 'murica
  16. ha april fools
  17. Titanic sank in this day at midnight in 1912.
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