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  1. I see what you're doing Beter, why is this man your new forum champion? 

    1. ITurkishmapping


      dont worry he cant make lucas l #1 or make him pass lonathan etc its impossible

    2. Beter Griffin

      Beter Griffin

      Now that I think of it it's too much when it spills past you two

  2. i thought we ended this yesterday but looks like you still want to continue?

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    2. ITurkishmapping


      if you are saying this a "war" then i need to think...

    3. ITurkishmapping


      its still your 1st year on here so im not gonna pass you but gap will be small

    4. ITurkishmapping


      also if beter griffin tries to make me pass you today im gonna remove some likes of mine to not make me #1 today trust me

  3. Ah some may find that as a good thing, I am not active in it myself, but if you want the invite to it or to my personal server I'm here
  4. Shiite


    Well I tried to make Alabama, maybe you'll have more luck
  5. ah yes, it is. Ramiro came through because we're in the same discord server and he wanted to take a trip down memory lane too kek
  6. F for this, Boblik was the first person I interacted with on here, if he does one day miraculously come back I will keep my word and add this to SPQR
  7. I feel you, I've considered going back to SPQR many times over the months
  8. I don't even know if you recognize me, but an old man sometimes has to have his nostalgic fun Shiite (flag of German Empire) light grey capital is in Alabama
  9. Hey gamer I would suggest you take your talents somewhere else, this game is dead kek
  10. He's moved on from AoC2. He's making Age of Wii 2
  11. seriously man still trying to get more
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