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  1. Hey gamer I would suggest you take your talents somewhere else, this game is dead kek
  2. He's moved on from AoC2. He's making Age of Wii 2
  3. seriously man still trying to get more
  4. hey gamer, is ur next game gonna be age of wii 2 or AoC3? 

    1. YuraTheGreat


      he gonna be suck

    2. OrionsGamer


      Learn how to write


  5. hey epic gamer, are you still alive? 

  6. I understand what you mean, you just had horrible grammar
  7. wow people still care about this dead game kek
  8. that is in all versions you mobile peasant
  9. 11:59 has and always will be the best mod. Addon + is made by a dirty pirate
  10. AoC2 is dead anyways so it doesn't matter
  11. nice job stealing an oversimplified joke
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