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  1. Repost of the argument against Kerems, which he graciously deleted: Screenshot_1189.png

    1. Shiite


      Context: he failed to see me and Raider's blatant sarcasm and fell for the bait, making a call out post talking about how "these guys don't want an update" and something to the effect of the majority (in his eyes) are against you so your opinion does not matter. Kerem's embarrassment should in truth be much more than Reich's, but it seems he has contented himself with covering up this defeat and carrying on. Reich meanwhile is still going at me, 4 replies to my last post against him all deleted, eventually resorting to dms

    2. RaiderKnight1023
  2. Don't listen to them Mr. Jakowski, you can do whatever you want with your game. True AoC2 fans will support you no matter what! 

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    2. Shiite


      May I also ask you Reich, lesser of two evils, if you even cared to look at my profile before posting that image implying I am a sort of ostrich. If you took the 5 seconds that would've consumed you would have realized that I am one of the most outspoken and most likely the longest standing critic of Lukasz on this site. Overall Reich, though I feel you are the best of the big mod devs this is not a good take for you, not at all

    3. RaiderKnight1023


      reich posted cringe hes gonna lose subscribers

    4. Shiite


      KEK Reich deleted his post

  3. Raider, I know this is you 

  4. On the Recent Feeble Attempt at Reform

    I find it funny that almost two years later people still try to reach out to Lukasz. I've probably been here longer than most anybody, and yeah that ain't happening. Lukasz has shown himself many times to be only in it for the money, as I have said before. The fact that hope still exists is ludicrous to people like me or Vis. Whether this speaks to the age or the intelligence of the ""new"" AoC2 community (although I would say what exists at the moment as the rotting corpse of a great community, the members of which I am still in contact with and thoroughly enjoy). Here's some advice from an old timer: don't try to budge Lukasz, he'll just respond with the classic "BadLukasz" face, like he did with this last attempt. I will admit, he is a good troll though

  5. Well I'm bored so why not say my opinions on on the zombified community here. While most of the mods are, well, Memososisi level, there are some people here with real talent. Although I have had my quarels with Reich in the past, he has probably made the second best mod for the game (I personally prefer 11:59, no matter my opinion on Vis he did great work with that). Chairman Baad is someone who really came out of nowhere are made an actual quality mod over a year after the game died. While I respect him, I can't help but feel he is wasting his talent. Now, for the turks..... well..... I think that ITurkish is a better source for that. (Yes, btw, my mod is a meme. And when Lonathan, me, ITurkish, Ramiro, Nine, Basil or a combination of which all come on and start posting somewhere, well that's my discord. Sorry Kerems kek)

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    2. Shiite


      Nah, its just this is a much more casual game. To a mobile user just searching up "ww2 map" is easier than getting a detailed map of the entire world in 800. And as for Lukasz I've made myself clear so many times on this, but in short he is not the best developer, who took the money off his mobile game and ran

    3. GheovgosGJ


      It so true, is behavior is a shame, his next game must be boycotted

    4. Shiite


      By the time it releases Lukasz will have a new generation of mobile users to buy it. That is if all the money he made from this one will ever run out.

  6. This profile was visited by a Shiite

    1. DespotMilan


      shit thank you 😉

  7. I need ur exclusive opinion: Omino once famously said I was basically you, do you agree with this? 

    1. Arianas07


      You don't say the N word on 11:59 server, so no 

    2. Shiite


      Hm a good point 

  8. The third king of the forums, second from the spanish community after the old english one moved to discord, he stayed same as the second. He reached heights even the second couldn't dream of. Taking away most posts from the first (myself) as well as amassing the most rep without help of an alt. In addition winning more days than me or Iturkish. And yet he too withered on the vine, this dead places taking him too. He in fact withered before the second, and is less likely to return. From then on the forums was without a monarch, until the first returned and retook his crown

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    2. ITurkishmapping
    3. Shiite


      eh we were absent for a while so it makes sense 

    4. Lucas L

      Lucas L

      Most part of that days I only won because I was joking with the Spanish community and helping other players with their problems. Anyway, by that moment the forum was practically dead and it wasn't like the forum's beggining, so it's not fair to compare.

  9. look who's around

  10. I see what you're doing Beter, why is this man your new forum champion? 

    1. ITurkishmapping


      dont worry he cant make lucas l #1 or make him pass lonathan etc its impossible

    2. Beter Griffin

      Beter Griffin

      Now that I think of it it's too much when it spills past you two

    3. Lucas L

      Lucas L

      Two months without entering the forum and when I enter I find 200 reactions of Beter xD.

  11. hey gamer, is ur next game gonna be age of wii 2 or AoC3? 

    1. YuraTheGreat
    2. OrionsGamer


      Learn how to write


  12. hey epic gamer, are you still alive? 

  13. never thought the day would come

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    2. ITurkishmapping


      now? didint you alerady had friends before?

    3. Shiite


      no I didn't. But now I do!

    4. ITurkishmapping
  14. 1,300 rep. Never thought it would get this high kek

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    2. Ramiro007


      @Ninetiethbeef08 @ShiiteYou are both right!,this is sad but it is the truth.On a Sidenote we are actually developing one scenario,so i guess we are related to AoC2 again xD

    3. Shiite


      Yeah I saw. But mostly you aren't 

    4. Ramiro007




  15. Lukasz pls make some people moderators. You can't be here all the time, and we need people to keep the spam bots out when you're not here 

  16. you know that's just for like a week and not all time right? 

    1. SUDAMXX


      I guess you mean the game, if I know it's only for 1 week, But i want that is always alive


    2. Shiite


      I meant the background to your profile

    3. SUDAMXX


      I put that cover photo because I passed you 1 week HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAA


  17. You have been beaten, now concede ur title 

  18. nice try, FAKE

    1. War Master

      War Master

      nah just had log in problem 😉



  21. "The memer"

    1. AllahuSnackbar


      You make me sadspacito


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