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  1. Well I'm bored so why not say my opinions on on the zombified community here. While most of the mods are, well, Memososisi level, there are some people here with real talent. Although I have had my quarels with Reich in the past, he has probably made the second best mod for the game (I personally prefer 11:59, no matter my opinion on Vis he did great work with that). Chairman Baad is someone who really came out of nowhere are made an actual quality mod over a year after the game died. While I respect him, I can't help but feel he is wasting his talent. Now, for the turks..... well..... I think that ITurkish is a better source for that. (Yes, btw, my mod is a meme. And when Lonathan, me, ITurkish, Ramiro, Nine, Basil or a combination of which all come on and start posting somewhere, well that's my discord. Sorry Kerems kek)

    1. GheovgosGJ


      You're right. In my opinion the real problem is the lack of updates and the Lukasz's carelessness, so can be created the same mod. Then I noticed there are so many turkish and Russian that play this game, and they want to play the homemade mod, out a sense of patriotism. I can't believe, after almost 3 years when the game came out, there were not historical mods but thousand mod based in post 1912. People really dislike our ancestors?

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