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  1. I was parodying a line from this
  2. The Union of Modders are the only people with the resources to get this goin, get them involved
  3. ITurkish is dead, and the forums are GRAY let us point all our guns at the ching chong bots
  4. I've sent it to Lonathan telling him to forward it to Vis. Hopefully he likes the idea!
  5. Get Vis on board with this and you cold have greatness!
  6. 1,300 rep. Never thought it would get this high kek

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Shiite


      Yeah I saw. But mostly you aren't 

    3. Ramiro007
    4. SUDAMXX


      Shiite ya te superare otra vez.... SOLO ESPERA HEHEHE

  7. Lukasz won't help. And it's Ching-Chong
  8. shhhh. Let the dead rest in peace
  9. well your not doing a good job. This was a month after the forum started
  10. You know the post was made 2 months ago right
  11. Kek all the mobile peasants worshiping Vis
  12. Heretic
  13. The link to buy the game is on the top bar. Stupid mobile peasants
  14. Shiite,would not you like to participate in the Spanish Community? If you wish,you can speaks in English,we will be waiting for your answer...

    -We hope you accept,the Spanish Community of AoC.

    1. Shiite


      No. I do not wish to inconvenience you by intruding on your community. I understand that I am outdated. My time has passed. The Spanish community has replaced my old order. Me and the old guard have moved on. I linger on this cesspool of spam because I have been the ruler of it for a while. I do not want to leave this place like ITurkish, to be an old legend who moved on. I linger on this place because it is my responsibility. You have replaced my old order, I am now just an observer of the new order, a last holdout against the tide of people leaving. Enjoy your community while it lasts

    2. Shiite


      As Douglas MacArthur said: "Old Soldiers never die, they just fade away" 

    3. Ramiro007


      *cries in spanish*

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