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  1. Never finished the mod 0/10 

  2. Ah so you have a positive view of Memososisi? from where I come from he is a joke, a kind of pariah. Someone that you joke about not wanting to be. Interesting. You gave the worst, so what about the best members of the forums?
  3. I know, Reich admitted defeat already. It pretty much ended after that. And your campaign imo did fail. The AoC3 comments were made on September 3rd, before this recent round of attacks. I am glad that you are at least being cordial about the whole situation. It is mature of you to admit you were wrong, unlike some others involved. I just thought it was a semi important thing that happened recently so I wanted his opinion on it. Cheers
  4. Good news! A good friend (@Borat_) of mine has been bored recently and has decided to update the PtR scenario, make it more in depth and such. As well as adding the collapse of AoC2 server and the fall of Vis, a redesigned HRE and other things. If I am bored enough tomorrow I'll update add in something too I guess. Remember this mod is a meme, so if I do don't expect quality.
  5. Nope, 2018 Shiite was right for once. I salute the guy for coming back a year and a half later to say he'd given up though
  6. Your opinion on the recent "drama" between me, Reich, and Kerems, following their failed harassment campaign against Lukasz? Your opinion on Memososisi and Addin+? What is the best mod made for this game in your opinion? Was Lukasz justified in abandoning the game and what is your opinion on him? Do you think there will be an AoC3 and if so when will it come out? Worst/Best members on the forums? In your opinion when did AoC2 die? Opinion on Vis Tacitus if you had any interaction with him (he has fallen from grace and been replaced in his server)
  7. Name your team against who. I am already in!

    1. Shiite


      Me, Lonathan, Ramiro007, ITurkishMapping, FutureMapper, Ninitiethbeef08, Basil, Alt7, RaiderKnight, and all other PtR members vs Reich and Kerems. Although I think they've finally admitted defeat. According to Reich "I think I've spent enough time on you".

  8. Yeah, a community gone with the wind so to say. I feel with a head even as incompetent as Vis a better result could've happened. I am here mostly for nostalgia and to make sure the right history of this place and the end of its great community are told. "Leaders" of the corpse like Reich and Kerems only exacerbate misunderstanding regarding the game, community, and dev's demise.
  9. I get it, I guess my methods are a bit too.. rude to you kek. Well fair I would say. This community and forum died in march of 2019 imo, after this it was the corpse slowly dying. The men commanding this corpse (Reich and Kerems), with delusions of grandeur, resisted hating Lukasz for as long as they could. Until finally they believed they got fed up, and began wielding the rotting corpse against the poor developer himself. For the first time since he first warned me I feel real sympathy for Lukasz. He is done with this game, and men like Reich and Kerems who cannot see this harass him about a project he abandoned over a year ago. I feel this was the likely end, the end of all things. The last men of the once great generations, failing to see their comrades disappear, less inclined to the language of communication, lash out with the last ounce of strength the rotting husk of a community has left. And all of that is devoted to an all out attack on the poor developer himself. A fitting end for this forums, I would say
  10. Repost of the argument against Kerems, which he graciously deleted: Screenshot_1189.png

    1. Shiite


      Context: he failed to see me and Raider's blatant sarcasm and fell for the bait, making a call out post talking about how "these guys don't want an update" and something to the effect of the majority (in his eyes) are against you so your opinion does not matter. Kerem's embarrassment should in truth be much more than Reich's, but it seems he has contented himself with covering up this defeat and carrying on. Reich meanwhile is still going at me, 4 replies to my last post against him all deleted, eventually resorting to dms

    2. RaiderKnight1023
  11. But I overall agree with what you're saying, Kerems and Reich really fucked up here. Reich responded to my last post 4 times, deleted all of them, and then dmed me his response. I think I might've triggered him. Kerems too, once I responded to him completely obliterating his argument deleted his post. My opponents on this front are with much evidence, as far as I can tell, pussies. Also, good work on your mod, Ramiro has been heaping praise upon it to me
  12. I've made permanent enemies out of Reich and Kerems, can't wait until they try to cancel me again.
  13. Don't listen to them Mr. Jakowski, you can do whatever you want with your game. True AoC2 fans will support you no matter what! 

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    2. Shiite


      May I also ask you Reich, lesser of two evils, if you even cared to look at my profile before posting that image implying I am a sort of ostrich. If you took the 5 seconds that would've consumed you would have realized that I am one of the most outspoken and most likely the longest standing critic of Lukasz on this site. Overall Reich, though I feel you are the best of the big mod devs this is not a good take for you, not at all

    3. RaiderKnight1023


      reich posted cringe hes gonna lose subscribers

    4. Shiite


      KEK Reich deleted his post

  14. Raider, I know this is you 

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