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  1. Get out of my domain peasant, return to discord where you belong
  2. I agree. Mr. Head is a madlad
  3. The third king of the forums, second from the spanish community after the old english one moved to discord, he stayed same as the second. He reached heights even the second couldn't dream of. Taking away most posts from the first (myself) as well as amassing the most rep without help of an alt. In addition winning more days than me or Iturkish. And yet he too withered on the vine, this dead places taking him too. He in fact withered before the second, and is less likely to return. From then on the forums was without a monarch, until the first returned and retook his crown

    1. ITurkishmapping


      actually several people win more days than us

    2. ITurkishmapping



    3. Shiite


      eh we were absent for a while so it makes sense 

  4. update: This is in development again
  5. My god this is the shite. I should make a new war in the war record keeping thread for this beautiful shite.
  6. Shiite

    Game crashes

    ITurkish is right, it is a waste of money
  7. Updated! 0.04 includes the first version of the Brand New scenario, The Civil War Improved. Keep in mind this is the first version of it, and the map is not finished yet. And yes, this does mean that I am putting development for SPQR2 on hold. It's sad, but that scenario has always been a mess as the 7 of you who downloaded version 0.03.5 can attest. Well enjoy guys, and no I do not have a timetable on when the next update will be released, though it will have an easier way to install included
  8. Honest Development Secrets Vol. I: The "new thing to come" is an entirely new scenario that I worked on all day today, might work on it tomorrow, might forget about it for half a year, probably the former. Don't get ur hopes that far up but know that I'm working on it
  9. Eh they go away and come back, they went away once the forum died, but with it regain a sliver of activity they're back
  10. Shiite

    Game crashes

    ur phone is old and trash and can't run it
  11. Hehe, the ching chong bots have returned, trust me they have been here for a while, and no, Lukasz didn't do anything when they invaded the first time over half a year ago and he won't again. It's interesting to see the new generation's reaction to it kek
  12. I see what you're doing Beter, why is this man your new forum champion? 

    1. ITurkishmapping


      dont worry he cant make lucas l #1 or make him pass lonathan etc its impossible

    2. Beter Griffin

      Beter Griffin

      Now that I think of it it's too much when it spills past you two

  13. Ah some may find that as a good thing, I am not active in it myself, but if you want the invite to it or to my personal server I'm here
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