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  1. I need ur exclusive opinion: Omino once famously said I was basically you, do you agree with this? 

    1. Arianas07


      You don't say the N word on 11:59 server, so no 

    2. Shiite


      Hm a good point 

  2. Hey can I have emperor rank back? It was unjustly taken from me
  3. It's a joke from a year and a half ago, the "mobile peasants" thing has been a running joke for me since I started back in 2018. And this is more of a meme at this point, literally it is on average updated every 6 months
  4. Ok so I made a scenario as a joke originally and I ended up spending too much time on it so this is getting an update with that scenario, it is a scenario with all of the people from a discord I'm in, some should be familiar to you like iturkish, lonathan, vis, nine and ramiro. It will also include 4 new ideologies which are all memes. I made custom leaders and flags for all the new civilizations and am in the process of adding events. Eta~tomorrow
  5. Ninetiethbeef08, an old timer like myself
  6. The is an android version made by nine, vis just doesn't support it officially any more. It is pretty broken
  7. Get out of my domain peasant, return to discord where you belong
  8. I agree. Mr. Head is a madlad
  9. The third king of the forums, second from the spanish community after the old english one moved to discord, he stayed same as the second. He reached heights even the second couldn't dream of. Taking away most posts from the first (myself) as well as amassing the most rep without help of an alt. In addition winning more days than me or Iturkish. And yet he too withered on the vine, this dead places taking him too. He in fact withered before the second, and is less likely to return. From then on the forums was without a monarch, until the first returned and retook his crown

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    2. ITurkishmapping
    3. Shiite


      eh we were absent for a while so it makes sense 

    4. Lucas L

      Lucas L

      Most part of that days I only won because I was joking with the Spanish community and helping other players with their problems. Anyway, by that moment the forum was practically dead and it wasn't like the forum's beggining, so it's not fair to compare.

  10. update: This is in development again
  11. look who's around

  12. My god this is the shite. I should make a new war in the war record keeping thread for this beautiful shite.
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