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  1. 1 hour ago, KrazedHeroX said:

    Well, you said yours would be the Road to 56 equivalent for this game, right? Road to 56 and other mods like that are considered flavour mods because they make aspects of the game better without completely changing it.

    I was referring to how road to 56 is described as a "Frankenstein of mods" combining a lot of mods

  2. Just now, DragosRS said:

    In '50 states for what?' I was referring to what do you need them for, like they're gonna break the game with all of them at once, and friends are important to you enjoying a game, idk abt you but from where I am from everyone has groups of friends that they game with

    I have like 150 mods for Ck2, and in some games I've had like 95% of them active. I'm kinda a social outcast in real life and no one I know likes strategy games like Ck2 or Eu4 or this so :( 

  3. Just now, DragosRS said:

    First of a 50 mods for what? And second of all this is AoC2 and with dumb friends like mine it would be easier for them to get mods from the steam workshop(when multiplayer comes out) I bought this game 1 week after it launched, but i want multiplayer because it just gets boring after a while, like we aren't in the 00's anymore, multiplayer is what a game should have if it wants longevity 

    50 per game. I also don't have any friends, so I can't relate to the multiplayer complaint. And I also don't play the game that much, I just mod it and use the scenario editor 

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